Brick Repointing

Brickwork repointing in Huntingdon and Cambridge

Why repoint your brickwork?

Over time gaps in the mortar can appear which can be caused through both weathering and decay. Not only do these gaps look bad but they can also let in water. Long term damage as well as damp problems could then occur so if you can easily see joints open around the mortar bed then it is time to start thinking about repointing your brickwork.

The benefits

  • Repairs the structural intergirty of your building's brickwork
  • Waetherproofs your walls
  • Restores the overall appearance of the brickwork
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance of your brickwork
  • Visually appealing
For more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Brickwork repointing in Cambridge or Huntingdon, call the experts at Stormguard Building Services on 
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Brickwork repointing

Stormguard Roofing & Chimneys skilled technicians are trained in traditional raking and grinding methods.  We can organise patch brickwork repointing or whole scale repointing. Pointing styles and colours will vary according to your requirements. To find out more information on any of our services contact us today. 
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